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The purpose behind Cars Curing Cancer is to bring the car community together for a fun filled afternoon exhibiting some of South Florida’s coolest rides while raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Not only will there be cars on display, we will also have live music provided by a local DJ, multiple food trucks, raffle(s), and live art show with kid friendly entertainment.

In addition to the entertainment there will be several local vendors in attendance promoting their company/brand and some will also be raffling some great items. If you would like to be considered as a vendor for Cars Curing Cancer, please email us at

Entrance to Cars Curing Cancer is free to the public. Those wanting to display their car(s) on the show grounds must register and donate a minimum of $5 at the show entrance, please REGISTER BELOW or email us at


Who we are

To my fellow car enthusiasts and American dreamers...

That sweet purr of an engine, the smell of burning tire tread, the symbol on the hood or grill that ignites pride, the metallic paint that glistens through the bright sunshine, the rev of the engine as your foot lays down on the pedal, the power in your hands as you grip the wheel – it’s not just a mode of transportation. A car can signify the American dream. It is a far-reaching passion, love and appreciation for quality, craftsmanship, identity, power, strength, pride, beauty and lifestyle; a sense of self.

This sense of self was rooted in me at an early age. I grew up with a love of cars, thanks to my dad. As a boy, he took me to countless local car shows in my hometown of Miami, where both beauty and passion are abundant. He was an avid car enthusiast, too. We attended everything from the LOWRIDER Magazine Car Show to the National Auto Show. While still in high school, I began to customize my cars with stereo systems, custom wheels, performance modifications and visualenhancements. I was still a junior in high school with two cars being showcased at local shows.

Unimaginably, in 2014, my dad Andres Rangel was diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma. He immediately started all recommended treatment, but within a few short months, he passed away fromthe vicious cancer. As I spoke with family about my dad’s younger years, I learned about his love for Corvettes. Soon after, I purchased my first. It was a 1977, C3, red stunner. A classic beauty that only propelled my love for the brand, so much so, that I bought a second; a LeMans blue 2005, C6. With these, I began to get involved within the car community again and found so many that share the same passion I do. After a positive experience supporting Corvettes and Coffee in their first year of events, I realized I could combine my love of cars and my emotional dedication to my father’s memory, to fill up parking lots for a cause.

Cars Curing Cancer was founded to honor my father’s memory, help raise funds to eradicate this disease and to share my passion with fellow car enthusiasts. This charity is dedicated to Andres Rangel and to all those who have been lost while fighting their battle with cancer. May this be a tribute to their brave commitment to life and to the courage in their hearts.

Many thanks for visiting my page. In hopes to meet you all,

Andres Valentino Rangel